1. Taking Your Poles Apart
  2. Cleaning Your Trekking Poles
  3. Replacing the baskets on Leki Trekking Poles
  4. What To Do If Your Leki Expander Poles Won’t Lock

1) Taking Your Trekking Poles Apart

You may want to take your poles apart for cleaning, to dry them or to adjust or replace the expanders.
With your hands on the pole shafts, loosen your pole section, by keeping turning the section anti-clockwise until it moves freely then in one quick swift movement simply pull the section from the pole.


2) Cleaning Your Trekking Poles

Maintain your trekking poles by regularly examining your poles for wear and tear, replacing things like baskets, tips and expanders on a somewhat regular basis and, most importantly, cleaning your poles. Never use any type of lubricant on your poles. LEKI locking system needs friction of the expander against the section inner wall.
To clean simply wipe off dirt with a damp cloth. Maintain your poles by pulling your poles apart to dry them or remove mud and debris. Simply wipe or brush the poles free from dirt and debris.

3) Replacing the Baskets on Leki Trekking Poles

You may want to replace the baskets on your poles so that you can use them more effectively in different conditions. The softer the ground you are walking on the bigger the basket should be to stop the pole from sinking into the ground.
To remove: Whilst using a downward pressure unscrew the pole basket turning it clockwise.
Replace the with another basket by pushing the basket onto the tip with an anti-clockwise motion. Ensure the basket is pushed completely to meet the stopper with no gaps. The 3 different types of Leki basket are interchangeable and can be used on any Leki trekking or Nordic Walking pole.
Leki spare parts include Leki Trekking Baskets, Nordic Walking Baskets and Leki Snow Baskets.

Leki Snow BasketLeki Trekking BasketLeki Nordic Basket

4) What To Do If Your Leki Expander Poles Won’t Lock

Pull your poles apart and hold the expander (usually the coloured plastic component) between your thumb and forefinger.
Turn the pole section whilst holding the expander. You’ll notice the expander ‘expands’ whilst it moves along the thread.
You only need a small turn try a 1/4 turn and replace the pole section into it’s upper section.
Turn the pole section until resistance is met.
(If resistance is not met and the pole section does not grip, simply pull the poles apart again and ‘expand’ the expander a little more with another turn ).