Poles won’t tighten / lock (internal locking poles)

If your poles fail to lock it is unlikely they are faulty, it is usually down to one of two things:

  1. The little internal expanders that do the locking have been shook closed from vibration during transit in a car or during delivery, if they are new.
  2. The poles need a service after use.

Its very simple to rectify.

  1. Pull your poles apart, if necessary loosen the section that wont tighten and then in one quick movement pull the section completely out from the shaft.
  2. Hold the expander (usually the coloured plastic component) between your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Turn the pole section whilst holding the expander. You’ll notice the expander ‘expands’ or opens whilst it moves along the thread. (A bit like a screw in a rawlplug)

You only need open the expander a tiny bit so that it grips the inside of the pole shaft when re-inserted. Try a small 1/4 turn and replace the pole section into it’s upper section.
Turn the pole section until resistance is met and the expander has gripped.
(If resistance is not met and the pole section does not grip, simply pull the poles apart again and ‘open’ the expander a little more with another turn ).