How to select the right Trekking poles for you.

If you’re lost wondering amongst the large selection of trekking poles on offer; then our selection guide should set you on the right path.

At Head to the Hills we believe that we have poles here for everyone. This guide is designed to help you choose the best walking poles depending on your priorities and what you intend to use your poles for.  We hope you find what you need!

Trekking Pole Selection Guide

Choose the section that best describes your main use of poles.

All poles are 3-section adjustable poles, unless stated.

i)  Classic Superstrong Trekking Poles
ii)  Lightweight Trekking Poles
iii) Ultralight Trekking Poles and Micro Sticks

i) Classic Superstrong Trekking Poles

BUY THESE IF YOU WANT: Strong lightweight poles with expedition strength shafts, smooth anti-shock mechanism options and reliable locking. The perfect choice for regular to occasional hill walkers and trekkers. Great for rambling to mountainous terrain

LEKI Sherpa Speed-Lock. With easy adjust speed-lock the Sherpa are great in cold weather if you have gloves on. Leki’s Speed-Lock external adjustment mechanism has quickly established itself as the best of its kind on the market and is easy to use.
Thermo-grip handle increases the comfort and thermal efficiency in cold conditions.
Premium quality poles. 281g / pole; 70 – 145cm . Leki Sherpa Speed-lock poles

LEKI  Trail Anti-shock. Still our best-seller.  Strong shafts, updated again for this season and remains at a very good price. The obvious choice for first time pole buyers. The anti- version is useful for those who may be using them for long hill days or carring heavy rucksacks or want to protect their wrists.  Length: 69-145cm. Weight: 288g/pole. Leki Trail AS Poles

LEKI Trail. The Trail was voted “Best in Test” by Country Waking Magazine recently and offers great value for money. A real workhorse that will give years of dependable service. Recently updated for this season.
This non-anti-shock version makes it a little lighter and a good choice if you like a positive feel to the pole especially when walking over rough ground. Length: 66-145cm. Weight: 268g/pole. Leki Trail Poles

ii) Lightweight Trekking Poles

BUY THESE IF YOU WANT:  a genuinely dependable lightweight pole that will not let you down during regular & prolong use on hills and mountains. Similarly if like your poles to be as light as possible but don’t want carbon poles, these lightweight aluminium poles are a great choice.
These poles are really light and pack smaller than the Classic range, but have all of the features you expect from a Leki pole. The perfect choice for the active walker and those who like to pack light.

LEKI Ultralite Tremalzo Anti shock.  The best value for money pole in the Leki Ultralight Range with an a tough rubber Aergon handle. The Softlite poles are the best sellers in this category and has been upgraded again for this season and retains the silky smooth Leki Soft Anti-shock System.
The external adjustment mechanism as a tiny bit of weight compared to internal locking poles If you want a dependable, lightweight pole that doesn’t cost the earth for occasional or regular use over hill or mountain terrain then this is the walking pole for you.  These poles will be happy anywhere. Length 69-135cm. Weight: 274g/pole. Leki Softlite Anti-Shock Poles

LEKI Ultralite Tremalzo.  The non -anti shock version of the above poles,  non-anti-shock for a positive feel in use and a slight weight saving, perfect for rocky and unstable terrain. If you want a dependable, lightweight pole that doesn’t cost the earth then these are the walking poles for you.  Length 67-135cm. Weight: 278g/pole. Leki Tremalzo Poles

LEKI Thermolite XL Speedlock. Widely recognised as the toughest lightweight aluminium pole on the market.  The Thermolite XL is like an upgraded version of the softlite poles above. They have a thermo-grip handle which adds comfort and yet saves some weight too. The perfect choice for the roving international hill walker, backpacker and keen fell walker. Length: 67-135cm. Weight: 235g/pole. Leki Thermolite XL Poles

iii) Ultra Lightweight Trekking Poles and Micro Sticks

BUY THESE IF YOU WANT:  the lightest and most packable poles available. These poles are a dream to use and are designed for those who know exactly what they want from their equipment. The perfect choice for ultra-light backpackers, lightweight trekkers, hill/ trail runners and mountaineers.

The Leki Carbonlite Trekking Pole with thermo Aergon handle, has to be the perfect trekking pole. Carbon poles make up some of the lightest poles available and these have the added benefit of a lightweight handle. The Carbonlite are made of strengthened carbon with all the features and perfect finish you’d expect from Leki.  Length: 63 – 135 cm Weight: 208/pole. Leki Carbonlite Poles

LEKI Carbon Titanium Speed-Lock.  The Carbon Titanium is a great alternative to the carbonlite if you like an external locking system and the added strength of  an aluminium top section. An ultralight expedition ready pole. Length: 67-135cm. Weight: 211g/pole.
Leki Carbon Ti Speedlock Poles

LEKI Micro Vario Carbon.  The trekking pole redesigned – Arguably the ultimate in ultralight, packable, full-strength adjustable trekking pole design in strong carbon! Packs down to an incredible 38cm, deploys and adjusts in seconds – is this the future of lightweight mountain pole design?  Pack size: 38cm Adjustable Length: 110-130cm. Weight: 222g/pole. Ideal for lightweight backpackers, trail and hill runners and those who need a small pack size. Leki Micro Vario Carbon

LEKI Micro Vario Titanium.  The lightweight aluminium version of the above poles. trekking pole redesigned – Full-strength adjustable trekking pole design in high tensile 7075 Aluminium! Packs down to an incredible 38cm, deploys and adjusts in seconds.   Pack size: 38cm Adjustable Length: 110-130cm. Weight: 260g/pole. Leki Micro Vario Titanium Poles

For Nordic walking poles see our Nordic Walking Pole Selection Guide


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