Leki Aergon Photo Adapter

//Leki Aergon Photo Adapter
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Leki Aergon Photo Adapter


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The Leki photo adapter turns your Aergon grips into a mono-pod, simples!
The Leki walking pole camera mount is an ingenious system from Leki, it adapts the aergon handle of your Leki pole into a mono-pod camera mount.
Most modern Leki poles have the ‘aergon grip’ handle, use the aergon photo adapter and the kit provided to help you take perfect picture’s everytime.

Out of stock

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Product Description

Leki Aergon Photo Adapter Features:

  • Includes adapter kit and tool required (red aeroplane)
  • simple to use, instructions included on pack
  • For Leki trekking poles with Aergon grip
  • Does not affect pole grip, so you can continue to use your pair of poles
  • Reduces camera shakes, the rest is up to you..

The Leki photo adapter from Leki accessories is the camera mount for your Leki walking pole and is ideal for taking good steady photos and film while on the move and on your adventures.


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