Adjusting the Height of your Leki Trekking Pole:

Assuming the pole is a 3 section, telescoping trekking pole of the type favoured by most users such as the Leki Ultralite Poles.

  • Before you start, make sure you have fitted, usually by screwing or clicking it on, the basket around the walking pole tip (pointy end!) so that the pole doesn’t sink too far into soft ground!
  • Your walking pole it set at the right height when you have the pole handle in your hand and the tip touches the ground and your elbow is at an approximate 90 degree angle. Everyone has their own preference so experiment until you are happy.
    [NB: set them too long and they will get in the way, too short and they will not provide any kind of support or propulsion].
  • Adjust the height of your pole by twisting the locking mechanism so that it tightens and locks (usually clockwise) for each of the two adjustable sections. Note the height of the setting for future use. Don’t be frightened to pull the poles apart to see how the expander mechanism works – just make sure not to bend them as you do so as this could damage the components. They all work on a rawlplug theory, expanding as they are twisted.

TOP TIP: If the section fails to “Lock”, it’s probably too loose and you’ll need to pull the pole apart to tighten it by hand a bit before starting again.