Running Backpacks

How do you choose the best running backpack for you? Our approach at Head to the Hills is always to take a look at what you want to use it for and what features would be most important to you before making a decision. If you intend to use a running rucksack for a number [...]

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Navigation Courses in the Lake District

Navigation in the Lake district Being outdoors on the hills and high fells is an exhilarating experience especially if you have planned your own route, have confidence in your gear and your map reading skills. You are free to explore and take in the vistas, safe in the knowledge that you know exactly where you [...]

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Leki Super Makalu Trekking Poles

We often get asked for 'Leki Super Makalu Trekking Poles' but to be honest...they don't exist any more. Well alright then they do, but the names have changed. You've probably coveted your trusty Leki poles for years, they have lasted a long time and they have been everywhere with you. But now you have decided [...]

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Ice Grips for Shoes and Boots

Ice Grips for Shoes and Boots Walking in Ice grippersTurn your winter boots, shoes or trainers into ice shoes with our ice grips for shoes. Our Artimate Ice Grippers are constructed from robust, freeze resistant rubber and stainless steel ice spikes. Available in a number of different styles to suit various winter conditions, our ice [...]

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