Nordic Walking Equipment

Nordic Walking Equipment Nordic Walking is an easily accessible sport for most people, it's an ideal way to start getting fit and keep fit. You can Nordic Walk just about anywhere, all you need is an open space some Nordic Walking Poles and perhaps a little bag for your essentials. Here at Head to the [...]

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No more running in the shadows

(Night Running)Part of an article by Vincent Delebarre. From the Petzl website. Turning the light off Without a good headlamp, we advance less surely, but the sense of touch is always a skill to develop. Sometimes I have fun when I train by turning off my magic lamp and letting my feet do the rest. [...]

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Pete on KARRIMOR Past & Present.

When I was a youth, with the beginnings of a burning desire to spend every moment I could out of doors, I remember saving my pocket money for what seemed like forever to buy my first rucksack. There wasn't a great deal of choice back then but I'd set my heart on a Karrimor rucksack; [...]

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Mountain Safety

The following points cover the minimum precautions you should take if you want to avoid getting hurt, lost or in the event of an accident, minimise further harm. Planning and Preparation Plan before setting out! Consider the equipment, experience, capabilities and enthusiasm of the party members. Check the weather forecast and local conditions; Mountains can [...]

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Nordic Walking Technique and Fitness Training

Applying Nordic Walking techniques to compliment and enhance your fitness training, by Pete Kelly. Ready for some basic training? In Nordic Walking: an Introduction article, we looked into the excellent cross training potential of Nordic Walking (NW) and how you could benefit from this in your fitness training. I hope it inspired some of you [...]

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A dictionary definition of rock scrambling could sound like.“a method of ascending rocky faces and ridges”, and that is pretty much it! It is not climbing; when vertical and overhanging faces are ascended, but instead scrambling can range from easily negotiated rocky terrain to full-on step and slabby rock faces. The basics: Basic equipment would [...]

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Sea Cliff Climbing – Dream of White Horses

With rain soaking the Lake District and the trad climbing season coming to a close, me and fellow slacker Callum raced down to the famous sea cliffs at Gogarth in Anglesey, to grab a last minute ascent of the ultra classic Dream of White Horses, one of the most famous rock climbs in Britain, if [...]

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Gear Guide: Outdoor Clothing Layers

The Outdoor Clothing Layering System explained OR What to Wear Hiking } To stay warm dry and cosy on the hill, you should be able to use your outdoor clothing to regulate your body temperature easily and protect yourself from the elements. The three layer clothing system is an ideal way to achieve this. Base [...]

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