When I was a youth, with the beginnings of a burning desire to spend every moment I could out of doors, I remember saving my pocket money for what seemed like forever to buy my first rucksack. There wasn’t a great deal of choice back then but I’d set my heart on a Karrimor rucksack; if Haston and Whillans were using them, then there was no other choice in my opinion!

I’m still using the sacks designed and manufactured by the original founder of Karrimor, Mike Parsons, so we go back a long way Karrimor and I … I’ve even worked for them once.

The company has been through many challenging times over the years that have changed it out of all recognition from the early days. But with Karrimor, one thing has always remained true to the core – it’s rucksacks. You can still expect no-nonsense British design, super tough construction and a cast iron guarantee to back it up with. Both myself and Andrea have used almost all of the rucksacks we range extensively, and it is a credit to the brand that they have made it into our product selection.

As with all of our products, we offer what we consider to be the best value for money rucksacks from the Karrimor range, from the do-everything Spectre to the go-anywhere Global, we hope you find what you want to pack for your next outdoor adventure!

…I’m glad to say that Mike is still at the cutting edge of British rucksack design with his new company OMM – Original Mountain Marathon (a claim only Parsons could make!), and we have just picked a selection of what I consider to be the best lightweight packs available on the market from the OMM.
It’s worth noteing OMM was previuosly called Kimmlite.
19-10-2007 Pete Kelly.