We often get asked for ‘Leki Super Makalu Trekking Poles’ but to be honest…they don’t exist any more. Well alright then they do, but the names have changed.

You’ve probably coveted your trusty Leki poles for years, they have lasted a long time and they have been everywhere with you. But now you have decided to replace them and want to buy another pair exactly the same, and why not your old pair have served you well.
You ‘google’ the name on your pole ‘leki super makalu’ but cannot find your beloved poles. Fear not, we have the answer.

Leki used to prefix all their poles with ‘Super Makalu’ or ‘Makalu’ but they started to phase this out in 2000, all poles now have a shorter name to help you identify them, the group of poles they belong to is based on the type of pole:

  • Classic Poles
  • Premium Poles
  • Leki Ultralite
  • Leki Micro Stick
  • Leki Nordic Walking
  • Current Models of the Leki Super Makalu
  • Leki Super Makalu Trekking poles are the strong poles with the super lock system these are now:
  • Leki Trail
  • Classic strong all-round walking poles
  • Leki trail trekking pole
  • Leki Trail Anti shock
  • Classic strong all-round walking poles with anti-shock
  • leki trail anti shock
  • Leki Khumbu Speedlock
  • Strong Walking Poles with the external ‘speedlock’ locking mechanism
  • Leki khumbu speedlock