Trekking Pole Selection Guide

How to select the right Trekking poles for you.

If you’re lost wondering amongst the large selection of trekking poles on offer; then the Walking Pole Shop Pole Selection Guide should set you on the right path.

At The Walking Pole Shop we believe that we have poles here for everyone. This guide is designed to help you choose the best walking poles depending on your priorities and what you intend to use your poles for.  We hope you find what you need!




1. About LEKI Poles

2. About Mountain King Poles

3. Trekking Pole Selection Chart


1. Leki Walking Poles

Leki has an unrivalled heritage dating back to the 1940’s and is still a family run company based in the German town of Kirkheim. All Leki poles are made with the finest quality 7075 Aluminium or Hi Modular Carbon available. The strength of the aluminium poles is further enhanced through a tempering process exclusive to the Leki manufacturing process, resulting in an incredibly strong but flexible alloy.

Leki Carbonlite poles are constructed using and optimal combination of cross-linked carbon fibre resulting in one of the lightest expedition strength poles on the market, in our opinion… the best.

Quality of manufacture and the strength of Leki poles are what really sets Leki apart from other brands and they are one of the few manufacturers who offer any kind of guarantee against pole breakage. They are also the only pole manufacturer in the world to carry the coveted TUV standard for the strength of their locking mechanism (the German version of our Kite Mark).

Recent additions to our Leki range include the latest Speed Lock Poles including the award winning Khumbu walking pole, the super light Carbon Titanium trekking pole and the latest Nordic Walking Poles.

The latest addition to our Leki range is the Micro Stick series – the trekking pole redesigned! Click here for our Leki Micro Stick Review and follow the link at the bottom of the page to view our range.

Leki have won countless international awards for their poles and manufacturing innovations over the years and perform consistently in UK magazine gear tests.


2. Mountain King Poles


Mountain King are based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and design and manufacture all of their poles on-site in UK. We are very impressed with the construction quality and value of Mountain King poles and their UK heritage. We are proud to support a brand that still manufactures in Britain and produces great gear at good prices. Mountain King trekking poles get consistent positive reviews in the outdoor industry mags, often winning “Best in Test” awards, and have a growing cult following.

Mountain King Poles sit well along-side our Leki range and allows us to offer a comparable home grown alternative to the international market leader.

Find out more About Mountain King Poles here.


3. Walking Pole Selection Chart


Choose the section that best describes your main use of poles. All Poles are 3-section adjustable poles, unless stated.

i)  Classic Superstrong Trekking Poles
ii)  Lightweight Trekking Poles
iii) Ultralight Trekking Poles and Micro Sticks


i) Classic Superstrong Trekking Poles


BUY THESE IF YOU WANT: The strongest lightweight poles available with expedition strength shafts, smooth anti-shock mechanism options and reliable locking. The perfect choice for hill walkers and trekkers.


LEKI Khumbu Speed-Lock. The pole for winter walkers/mountaineers operating in cold conditions. Leki’s Speed-Lock external adjustment mechanism has quickly established itself as the best of its kind on the market and is easy to use even whilst wearing heavy gloves. A future classic. Voted “Best in Test” by Country Walking magazine in March 2011 for the second year in a row after scoring an amazing 20/20. They rated this pole “the strongest in any test”. Length: 70-145cm. Weight: 290g/pole.

LEKI Makalu Trail Antishock. Still our best-seller Leki pole. An expedition strength Leki anti-shock pole updated again for this season and remains at a very good price. The obvious choice for first time pole buyers.  Length: 69-145cm. Weight: 278g/pole

LEKI Makalu Trail. The Trail was voted “Best in Test” by Country Waking Magazine recently and offers great value for money. A real workhorse that will give years of dependable service. Recently updated for this season. Length: 66-145cm. Weight: 265g/pole.

MOUNTAIN KING SuperTrekker Antishock.  A modern classic and unbelievable value for money! This is a strong, lightweight antishock pole which always gets a lot of respect from pole reviewers for it’s light weight, dependability and performance as well as it’s great price relative to higher profile brands. TGO “Best of the Tests – October 2012” rated this pole as “An excellent choice for year round, heavy duty use”.  Made in the UK. Length: 65-135cm. Weight 245g/pole.

MOUNTAIN KING Anti-shock.  One of the best walking poles available on the market at less that £20. This trekking pole has all the features you would ever want in a pole: A great pole at a great price.  Made in the UK. Length: 63-135cm. Weight 265g/pole.


ii) Lightweight Trekking Poles

BUY THESE IF YOU WANT:  a genuinely dependable lightweight pole that will not let you down during hard or prolong use. These poles are really light and pack smaller than the Classic range, but have all of the features you expect from a Leki pole. The perfect choice for the active walker and those who like to pack light.


LEKI Sherpa Speed-Lock. A  lighter, leaner version of the classic Khumbu pole with the same incredible shaft and locking mechanism strength, but fitted with the ultralight XL Thermogrip handle, reducing the weight of the pole and increasing the comfort and thermal efficiency in cold conditions. Length: 70-145cm. Weight: 275g/pole.

LEKI Ultralite Thermolite.  A real mountaineers pole and a firm staff fave at the Walking Pole shop; the Thermolite has it all – Comfy Aergon handle, lightweight & bombproof 7075 alloy and a clean slick appearance. This is the perfect alternative to the more expensive carbon poles in the Leki range. Code: 634-2136. Length 63-135cm. Weight: 215g/pole.

LEKI Ultralite Softlite Anti shock.  The best value for money pole in the Leki Ultralight Range with an indestructible rubber Aergon handle. The Softlite AS is our best seller in this category and has been upgraded again for this season and retains the silky smooth Leki Soft Antishock System. If you want a dependable, lightweight pole that doesn’t cost the earth then this is the walking pole for you. Code: 631-2143. Length 66-135cm. Weight: 252g/pole.

LEKI Ultralite Softlite.  The best value for money pole in the Leki Ultralight Range with an indestructible rubber Aergon handle. The Softlite is our best seller in this category and has been upgraded again for this season; non-antishock for a positive feel in use and a slight weight saving. If you want a dependable, lightweight pole that doesn’t cost the earth then this is the walking pole for you. Code: 631-2188. Length 63-135cm. Weight: 248g/pole.

LEKI Thermolite XL Speedlock. Widely recognised as the toughest lightweight aluminium pole on the market, combined with a small pack size makes it the perfect choice for the roving international hill walker or speed hiker. A great alternative to the Carbonlite series, this is one of our personal favourites.  ength: 67-135cm. Weight: 266g/pole


MOUNTAIN KING Compact SuperTrekker Anti-Shock. Made in the the UK and one of our most popular lightweight poles; a real hill walkers pole; sturdy and compact.  The Mountain King Compact Super Trekker punches well above it’s weight on the hill and has just been awarded “Best in Test” by Trail Magazine in their trekking pole review for March 2012… need we say more? Length 59-125cm. Weight: 220g/pole.


iii) Ultralight Trekking Poles and Micro Sticks

BUY THESE IF YOU WANT:  the lightest and most packable poles available. These poles are a dream to use and are designed for those who know exactly what they want from their equipment. The perfect choice for ultra-light backpackers, lightweight trekkers, hill runners, adventure racers and mountaineers


Leki Carbonlite Click for web Price > The Leki Makalu Carbonlite Trekking Pole with Aergon handle, has to be the perfect trekking pole. Updated for this season, this is an incredibly strong, lightweight carbon pole with all the features and perfect finish you’d expect from Leki.  Length: 63 – 135 cm Weight: 195/pole.

LEKI Micro Vario Carbon.  The trekking pole redesigned – Arguably the ultimate in ultralight, packable, full-strength adjustable trekking pole design in super strong, carbon! Packs down to an incredible 38cm, deploys and adjusts in seconds – is this the future of lightweight mountain pole design?Pack size: 38cm Adjustable Length: 110-130cm. Weight: 222g/pole.

LEKI Micro Vario Titanium.  The trekking pole redesigned – Arguably the ultimate in lightweight, packable, full-strength adjustable trekking pole design in high tensile 7075 Aluminium! Packs down to an incredible 38cm, deploys and adjusts in seconds – is this the future of lightweight mountain pole design? Pack size: 38cm Adjustable Length: 110-130cm. Weight: 274g/pole

LEKI Carbon Titanium Speed-Lock.  The Carbon Titanium is the supermodel version of the Leki Khumbu! Already getting rave reviews from hardcore users this is the shape of the future for expedition ready, ultralight trekking poles. When these came in we all had to have a pair – a solid staff favourite at the Walking Pole Shop. Code: 631-2160. Length: 67-135cm. Weight: 244g/pole.


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