Customer, Magazine and users reviews of the Leki Carbonlite Trekking poles.

Leki Carbonlite Poles Win Outdoor Gear Awards
Outdoor Gear of the Year Awards 2009, 1st Place… Leki Carbonlite Trekking Poles

“Outdoor” magazine, Germany’s equivalent of “Trail” magazine, has awarded 1st place to the Leki Carbonlite pole in their Outdoor Gear of the Year Awards 2009. This comes as no surprise for us at Head to the Hills as the Carbonlite Trekking pole is already packed with award winning features. It also the first choice for our staff when heading out to the hills and regularly tops our website best sellers list.


Leki Makalu Carbonlite Pole Review from Head to the Hills:
The Leki Makalu Carbonlite weighs in at just 180 grams per pole, making them one of the lightest trekking poles on the market and this is immediately obvious when using the poles.
This amazingly low weight is gained through the use of carbon throughout the pole, which is also strong and durable enough to withstand years of use. Other details that decrease the weight of these Leki poles include minimal pole width and length, which also decreases the pack size of the pole (61 cm).

The locking system (Leki’s “Super Lock System”) is aptly named – it takes just a few turns to lock and unlock the poles and they lock very firmly into place, making adjustments quick and hassle-free.
The tip is made from tungsten carbide and is extremely durable giving great grip even on wet rock, and the interchangeable baskets make them suitable for any terrain that you may encounter, especially the muddy paths of the Lakes!

Out on the fells, the effectiveness of using Leki trekking poles is immediately noticeable (before this I was a non pole-user!), especially during long ascents, long mountain days or when backpacking on consecutive days. By taking part of the load on your arms and upper-body, the weight being carried by the legs is greatly reduced, reducing fatigue and providing momentum. They also give tremendous support over rough and rocky ground (a big safety benefit).

I greatly enjoyed using the Leki Carbonlite poles as they are so incredibly lightweight! They are also comfortable in the hand due to the ergonomic foam handle which is shaped to the hand and doesn’t get slippery when wet, and Leki’s own “Comfort Strap” which gives ample support in various hand positions.

If, like me, you’ve not used trekking poles before, check out our online guide ‘How to use Walking poles‘. After using these poles just twice, I’ve bought a pair for myself, as I loved them so much.

MM, Ambleside


Leki Carbonlite Trekking Pole Review – Online Review

Carbon-fibre trekking poles are light, stiff, and strong, but most constructions become fragile when scratched or abraded. Enter these top-of-the-line sticks, which have a woven multi-layer construction and protective varnish for durability.

They kept one of our most demanding gear abusers happy for 15 months and 70-plus days of canyon-country hikes, off-trail backpacks, and even an ascent of Mt. McKinley. He calls them “tough, compact, and eerily light, with super comfortable dense foam grips and secure wrist strap adjustments.”

The 3-section poles collapse down to 24 inches for easy carrying, and the baskets are secure, yet quick to change or replace. The carbide steel tips still bite as well as the day they came out of the box, and the non-metallic graphite construction is reassuring if you have to cower under a tarp tent while lightning is near.

The price is steep, but if you’re an ounce-pincher, these are worth it. There’s a one-year breakage guarantee, and spare parts are available.

Find the latest version of the Leki Carbonlite Trekking Poles here.