LEKI, the market leader in trekking poles, has launched ‘Speedlock’ – a fast, simple and reliable locking mechanism.

With the Speedlock, LEKI sets new standards in external locking mechanisms for trekking poles.

The TÜV standard (German standard) of 60 kg is exceeded by far. A safety reserve, which can save lives. The locking force can be readjusted at any time.

Leki ‘speedlock’ has the highest locking force of all external adjustment systems available on the market, this provides extra safety and reliability.

Reliable Locking and Adjustment

Strong reliable poles means you can trust your poles and they will support you, even under extreme pressure.
Extremely fast adjustment and fixing even whilst wearing thick gloves in rain, ice and snow.
Simple and easy to use mechanism

Available Speed lock poles include the popular Leki’s Softlite SpeedLock from the ultralite range and the super light Carbon Titanium Speedlock Poles available now.

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