Nordic walking is increasing in popularitiy in the UK and once you give it a go, it’s easy to see why…
Nordic walking is easy to fit into most peoples lifestyle, it’s simple to pick up, improves posture, promotes health and gets you outdoors. It really is one of the most accessible forms of effective exercise we know of and all you need to get started is a pair of nordic walking poles and your trainers.

Using a pair of LEKI Nordic Walking poles turns a regular walk into a surprisingly easy full-body workout. Because you are using more muscles to propel yourself forward during nordic walking, your perceived effort is less as you are spreading the load to other areas of your body. Nordic walking is such a simple concept but really delivers the goods if you are looking to improve your fitness and performance.


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Leki make high-quality poles for all walks of life and they are our preferred choice of nordic walking pole at Head to the Hills. The finish and strength of Leki poles are outstanding and the features incorporated into their nordic walking range are well thought out and add to the enjoyment of a nordic walking session.

With our trail running and mountain heritage we tend to favour the 3 section series of Traveller poles which pack away small enough to attach to a running pack when not in use. The dependability of the Leki locking mechansim means that they are practical for the load bearing exercises that you would perform in a guided nordic walking session but remain light and compact enough for a long day of speed hiking or trail running.

Our two section poles are the perfect choice for nordic walking in parks and during nordic walking classes and are the number one choice of our instructors. The adjustability of these poles makes them ideal for groups or where you want to adjust pole length to facilitate more advanced, dynamic nordic walking techniques. For our instructor deals on multiple purchases of nordic walking poles, please give us a call on 015394 33826.

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All LEKI Nordic Walking poles feature:
Quality materials. Such as Aircraft-grade Aluminum or High Modulus Carbon make for a lightweight, strong poles that are a joy to use.
Adjustable/Quick-Release Trigger Strap. Enjoy the ease and convenience of a releasable trigger strap system, which lets you click in and out of the grip with ease and provides comfortable wrist support. Just click in and out of the grip with ease when you want to get a water bottle from your waist pouch or open a gate etc.
Leki Trigger 3 Shark Strap
Adjustable Super Lock System. With Leki’s adjustable poles, you can adjust the length of your poles to your height and walking surface, and even share them with friends. Leki’s Super Lock System is the strongest locking system of it’s kind in the world!
Rubber Fitness Tips. Be sure your rubber fitness tips always face towards the back, behind you. This allows you to push off more efficiently, increasing your upper body workout.
The rubber tips are available in different styles for your terrain.
Power Grip Rubber Tip
‘Silent Spike’ Studded Traction Tip
The anatomy of Leki Nordic Walking Poles:
Leki Nordic Walking Pole Anatomy

Leki Noridc Walking Pole Best Sellers:
Leki Carbon Traveller Nordic Walking Poles are adjustable length poles. The length on adjustable poles can be changed to accomodate varied terrain or personal technique. This makes them versatile for hills or tracks and useful for groups or friends who share. Carbon poles are lightweight with a lovely swing weight.
With LEKI’s German engineering, used and maintained properly your LEKI poles can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and are worth the investment in your health.

We hope you enjoy your Nordic Walking as much as we do, and if you have any questions please call us at Head to the Hills. We’ve been nordic walking longer than most having helped to introduce the activity into the UK, and have we an intimate knowledge of our product and would be glad to help you make the right choice of poles.