You’ll have heard the phrase ‘it’s what’s inside that counts!’ , well that couldn’t be more true than for walking socks. Choosing the right hiking or walking sock should ensure your feet remain at their optimal temperature, blister free, dry and comfortable, which means of course you, the owner, are free to enjoy your walking adventures.

Don’t waste your time on cheap hiking socks; you can prevent sore, painful feet and frustrated walks by investing in good quality hiking socks… it just makes sense.

When choosing walking socks do remember why you need socks in the first place…

  • to keep your feet at their optimal temperature for comfort, not too hot, not too cold.
  • to protect feet by cushioning from knocks and pounding
  • to keep feet dry and comfortable by wicking away sweat
  • to provide comfort and cushioning throughout at least a full days walk
  • to retain their shape whilst wearing and between washes
  • to perhaps even reduce foot odour
  • to last longer than a seasons walks

Choose hiking & walking socks that provide these basic comforts and you won’t go wrong, you’ll get much more value and adventure for your money.

Cushioned Walking Socks
Cushioning protects the foot from knocks and improves the fit of your boots.
Cushioning on walking socks can be targeted to areas, such as heel and ball of foot or be general all over cushioning.
Bridgedale hiking socks have reinforced heel and toe areas, the cushioning comfort is achieved by a highly resilient terry loop inside the socks. Bridgedale’s socks terry loop stay resilient and keep the bounce and comfort much longer than ‘cheaper’ walking socks.
e.g. Bridgedale Men’s Comfort Trekker Sock, Bridgedale Women’s Comfort Trekker Sock

Thermal Walking Socks
The thermal properties of hiking and walking socks comes from the air-trapping abilities of the yarns used and the type of yarn.
The loop stitch technique used in most hiking sock manufacturing provides trapped air for warmth and cushioning. Look for wool or wool fusion type yarns and spun polyester, such as the thermal Rambler sock.
The socks ability to ‘wick’ moisture away from your feet will also add to it’s comfort rating. Damp skin feels cold as it cools down, so look for socks which ‘breath’ or ‘wick’.
All the socks we feature in our online store are breathable and move moisture away from your skin.
The hiking socks designed to be worn in colder conditions are the thickest, most cushioned socks, these are the most insulating and are suitable for use with Mountaineering and Trekking boots.
Heavyweight cushioning socks are thickest and lightweight cushioning socks tend to have have thinner / more targeted cushioning.

Lightweight Walking Socks
Lightweight walking socks are aimed at two season walking and walking in warmer climates, they are ideal for lighter footwear and usually have dense underfoot cushioning for comfort, but are light and breathable on top. A good choice for closer fitting footwear too.

Nordic Walking Socks
Nordic walking socks are lightweight trial type socks, the padding is high density and only placed where it is needed for the specific sport. Dense zoned padding under foot and light and breathable upper. e.g. Endurance Trail Light Sock